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By | June 9, 2008

Are you tired of asking your friends to email you an invitation every time they need remote assistance? Is your budget too tight to use a professional service like LogMeIn? I’d like to share with you a free remote assistance utility called Crossloop. It has two major advantages over its competitors:

1. It’s Free: Unlike other remote assistance solutions like LogMeIn, Crossloop is free to use. There’s no thirty-day trail – it’s completely free, forever!

2. It’s Simple: The installation is quick and the interface is easy to navigate.

To install Crossloop, visit their website and download the installation file. The installation process is really quick – all you need to do is accept the license agreement and click “next” a few times. Crossloop must be installed on both computers participating in the remote session. You can guide your friend through the download and installation process or you can install it on their computer ahead of time.

You can also earn $$$ by helping people solve computer problems remotely. Check out this link for more details.


1. Open Crossloop. There should be a Crossloop icon on the desktop. Have your friend double-click it:

Crossloop Icon

Crossloop Icon

2. Skip Account Creation. Crossloop will ask you to create an account with them. An account is only useful is you are performing services for money. I’ll assume you’re helping your friend out of the kindness of your heart, so click the “skip” link:

Click "skip"

No Account Is Required

3. Click The “Share” Tab. The person requiring assistance will need to provide you with an access code, found under the “Share” tab:

Open The "Share" Tab

Open The “Share” Tab

4. Get the “Access Code”. The access code is what identifies your friend’s computer on Crossloop’s server. You could also consider it as the password required to access your friend’s PC. Have them give you this code over the phone, by email, or in a text message – whichever way works best. Then have them click the “Connect” button:

Get The Access Code From Your Friend

Get The Access Code And Click Connect

5. Wait. Crossloop will connect to the server and wait for an incoming connection. Now it’s time to connect to your friend’s computer.

Crossloop Waits For A Connection

Crossloop Waits For A Connection


1. Open Crossloop. Same as explained above.

2. Skip Account Creation. Same as explained above.

3. Enter Friend’s Access Code And Connect. Under the “Access” tab, enter your friend’s access code and click the “Connect” button:

Connect To Your Friend's Computer

Connect To Your Friend’s Computer

Your friend must now give you permission to control their computer:

Permit Your Friend To Help You

Click “Yes”

The session will connect and you will be able to see your friend’s desktop and control their mouse and keyboard! How exciting! Now you can get to work.

Additional Information

If your friend has Windows Vista, whenever the UAC is activated you will be disconnected from their computer. ***update: Version 2.11 of Crossloop has addressed this problem.

The Windows Firewall may ask your friend to block or unblock Crossloop. Of course, click “unblock” if prompted to do so.

Crossover is based on TightVNC which uses end-to-end encryption for security.

Crossover is also a community of professional technical support people who help anyone (willing to pay) remotely all around the world. If you have technical skills, you can sign up for an account, advertise your services, and make some money helping others remotely. Check their site for more details.

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