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YouTube Woes – Cannot Watch Videos

By | May 31, 2009

I was recently helping a friend who was unable to view YouTube videos in Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. Whenever she tried to view a YouTube video the following error message would appear: You either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player She had already re-installed Adobe Flash player… Read More »

Download YouTube Videos Hassle Free

By | October 9, 2008

Moveavi is a free web-based service that will convert an online video to the format of your choice and send it to you via email. No software is required to be installed on your computer and the website is (currently) ad-free. The only drawback is that it sometimes takes hours before the video is converted… Read More »

Substitute Outlook For Google Calendar

By | October 7, 2008

Do you want to share your Outlook calendar with co-workers but are unable to do so because you don’t have an Exchange server? That’s right, an exchange server is required if you plan to share your Outlook calendar with other people. However, you’re in luck because Google has released an online application called Google Calendar… Read More »

How The Internet Works, In A Nutshell

By | April 19, 2008

Have you ever been awe struck by the hidden intricacies of the Internet? Have you ever wondered how it works? C’mon, say yes, just for me. In this article I will explain, in as few words as possible, the basics of the Internet and give an example of how your computer communicates with Yahoo to… Read More »

Web 2.0 Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

By | April 15, 2008

The Internet has changed dramatically over the past five years. Social networking websites have leaped ahead of other online services and streaming video websites have amassed hundreds of millions of viewers. These days, the total number of page views for Facebook and YouTube surpasses that of Yahoo and Google combined. Social networking websites have grown… Read More »