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Integrate the Google Maps API Into Your Website

By | October 22, 2016

Are you building an application that needs to calculate the cycling, walking or driving distance between two addresses? Google offers a handy service called the Google Maps Distance Matrix API that you can use to get this information and present it to your users. The service is free, and you can specify the mode of… Read More »

Firefox Sometimes Crashes when Loading Google Maps

By | December 13, 2015

Symptom: Opening a new tab in Firefox and going to maps.google.com sometimes results in Firefox crashing. Firefox version: 42.0 OS: Linux Mint 17.2 Graphics card: AMD Radeon 7870 Graphics Driver: xserver-xorg-video-ati 1:7.3.0-1ubuntu3.1 (AMD/ATI display driver wrapper) Other symptoms: Sometimes small sections of text in Firefox are unreadable (blotched) until scrolling it off and back on… Read More »

Picasa Photo Management Tutorial

By | February 14, 2009

Are you looking for an easy way to organize, edit, and email your digital photographs? Google offers a free program called Picasa that can do just that for you. Picture organization can be confusing, especially if you have multiple programs on your computer all managing your photos in different ways. Picasa can ease your picture… Read More »

Explore the World with Google Earth

By | October 8, 2008

Would you like to fly through downtown New York or explore the Grand Canyon? Do you want to see pictures and videos of your next vacation destination? Well, you can do that and more with the latest version of Google Earth. Google Earth displays a 3D model of the Earth that you can rotate with… Read More »

Substitute Outlook For Google Calendar

By | October 7, 2008

Do you want to share your Outlook calendar with co-workers but are unable to do so because you don’t have an Exchange server? That’s right, an exchange server is required if you plan to share your Outlook calendar with other people. However, you’re in luck because Google has released an online application called Google Calendar… Read More »